Make sure to also read our article about networking to strengthen your communication skills which will help build your self confidence. “I was being peer pressured to be mean to one of my friends… I knew it wasn’t right and I felt awful that I was doing this to one of my closest friends.” Besides close friends, your peers include other kids you know who are the same age — like people in your grade, church, sports team, or community. These peers also influence you by the way they dress and act, things they’re involved in, and the attitudes they show. Nonetheless, the unspoken peer pressure that happens in schools can be a cause of depression in teens, and that’s why we are going to discuss how parents can help reduce pressure in teens.

From my own experience, I have seen how peer pressure affects people at school, college, university and beyond into adult life. The key to resisting peer pressure is for the teen to have role models, new ideas, and the positive effects of healthy self-confidence. When peer pressure is positive, it pushes you to be your best. Negative peer pressure is when someone who is a friend or part of a group you belong to makes you feel that you have to do something to be accepted. It’s the negative peer pressure that we usually think of when the phrase peer pressure is used. When you give in to negative peer pressure, you often feel guilty or disappointed with yourself for acting in a way that goes against your beliefs or values.

Parents Can Be The Strongest Influence In An Adolescent’s Life

They can help each other develop new skills, or stimulate interest in books, music or extracurricular activities. Reading your story can help other young people deal with the tough times. She said nothing, but Leah knew she wouldn’t have done that on her own. We have tips and advice to help you find the support you need.

Peers are people who are part of the same social group, so the term “peer pressure” refers to the influence that peers can have on each other. They explored the students’ motivations behind peer assistance and the interplay between assistance and resentment, and the impact these had on subsequent student behavior. That said, there’s more than one way to apply this approach. Here are some tips to help you hold your own around others, no matter your age or situation.

How to stay true to yourself when experiencing peer pressure

With indirect pressure, adolescents are exposed to the actions of one or more peers and can choose which one to follow. This type of peer pressure can be exemplified in fashion choices, personal interactions, social behaviors, teams, parties, media, and groups of friends, among others. Peer pressure is the influence exerted by the majority on a person, to the point of it being capable of modifying their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Once you identify negative influence from others, it’s time to address it. Learning to deal with peer pressure can help you avoid unfavorable consequences like being untrue to yourself or doing things you don’t want to do. Moreover, it’s important to note that some drugs are extremely potent and toxic.

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