The Exception Collection


The Exception Collection is a (miniature model) furniture collection focused on creating elegant pieces with as little wasted material as possible. The furniture family has a clear set of uniformity rules that it follows. Each piece contains one “exception” detail which is allowed to break the uniformity rules. This exception detail speaks to the functionality of the furniture piece.


Sketching, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, FDM 3D Printing, Woodshop Tools


Individual project

The Requirements

Design a family of five furniture pieces that belong in the same room of a house.

The Idea

To drive the design decisions of my furniture family, I decided that the theme of my piece would be minimizing waste.

Using Everything but the Sawdust

Each of the pieces in the family are designed off of this base shape, fitting together like puzzle pieces. This ensures that the only waste that is produced is the sawdust generated from the cuts.