Full20 is a non-numerical hand washing timer concept inspired by research on proper hand hygiene during the pandemic. Full20 utilizes simple existing technology (LEDs that change the color of your faucet’s water) as a timer for the optimal amount of time a user should be washing their hands, 20 seconds. To further appeal to the children who would be using this product, a small projector casts colorful shapes into the sink when the product is activated. The LED lights and projector are activated by the flow of the water through the device, and remain on for a full 20 seconds.

Full20’s standard size sink threads, metal mesh, and rubber gasket.

The LED end cap allows light to be evenly distributed throughout the water as it passes through the cap, and the LED projector dome which casts colorful shapes into the bowl of the sink.

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Demonstration of the color-changing LEDs that turn on when Full20 is activated.