Full20 is a non-numerical hand washing timer concept that I created from doing research on proper hand hygiene. Full20 uses a simple existing technology (using LEDs to change the color of your faucet’s water), and uses it as a timer for the correct amount of time you should be washing your hands for: 20 seconds. I have also included a mini LED projector dome at the bottom of my design, which casts shapes that change color along with the water. The LED lights and projector are activated by the flow of the water through the device. As soon as the lights turn on, they will remain on for a full 20 seconds no matter if the water is running or not.

Above is an image showing a full view of Full20.

Shown above are Full20’s standard size sink threads, metal mesh, and rubber gasket.

Shown above are the LED end cap, allowing the light to be evenly distributed throughout the water as it passes through the cap, and the LED projector dome which casts colorful shapes into the bowl of the sink.

Here are some demonstrations of what my product would look like in use. I rendered my product then used Photoshop to place it into the environment it would be used.

Play Video

Here is a video demonstrating the color-changing LEDs that turn on when Full20 is activated.