H2GO is a portable hydration system which allows the user to attach bottled water, turning any backpack into a hydration pack. It has the convenience of a hydration pack, without the sanitation challenges of a traditional water reservoir.


User Testing, Sketching, Sewing, Packaging Design, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, FDM 3D Printing, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Individual Project

The Problem

Traditional hydration packs present a variety of sanitation challenges. While still new, they tend to make the water inside taste like plastic, and after they get old they tend to make the water inside taste like mildew.

The Requirements

Design, build, and test a solution to the problem.

Bacteria by the Numbers

A study conducted by Treadmill Reviews found that the average athlete’s reusable water bottle was found to contain over 100x the amount of bacteria per square centimeter than the average dog toy, and 60% of the bacteria was found to have the potential to make you sick.

The Solution

H2GO solves this bacteria problem by removing the water reservoir entirely

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Initial Ideation

"Looks Like" Prototype

A first “3D sketch” of H2GO, meant to provide a tangible version of the idea to others, help determine design decisions for future iterations of the prototype.

Round One User Testing (Of Many)

Human factors testing was imperative to continue throughout the iterative process to ensure that the product worked as intended and was as comfortable as possible.

Inching Closer to the Final Prototype

It took many prototypes to perfect the leak-free valve. The form, parts list, and material of the entire system evolved along the way.

The Final Prototype

The final version of H2GO includes the traditional backpack mounted hydration system as well as an experimental arm mount attachment.

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Double Sided Thread Adapter

The double sided thread adapter ensures that both of the most commonly manufactured threads in the bottled water industry are compatible with every H2GO system. The adapter fits large threads on one side, and small threads on the other.

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How to Install

Easily turn your favorite backpack into a hydration pack in a few simple steps. Slide H2GO into the side pocket of your backpack, snap the straw into the straw clip, attach the clip to your backpack strap, and you’re ready to go.