Lens Frame


The lens frame was designed for Great Faith Vision, a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides free vision and medical care to in-need populations around the world. The lens frame system enabled GFV eye doctors to remotely train local, non-professionals to conduct eye clinics for their communities, testing for and treating refractive error. Today, GFV eye doctors benefit from the lens frame’s portability, allowing for use in remote areas around the world, accessible only by foot, air, and/or boat.


3D Modeling, FDM 3D Printing, Basic Metalworking Tools


Linda Wasilchick (Great Faith Vision Contact)

The Problem

Great Faith Vision cannot travel and operate in remote areas with heavy, expensive eye examination equipment.

The Requirements

Design and build an inexpensive, low-tech, portable solution to determine patients’ prescriptions to be used around the globe.

Where the Lens Frames are Currently Being Used